Shipping & Delivery


AtaraPay Marketplace is an online platform established to protect all types of Sellers (online or offline) who are willing to deliver credible service and Buyers who are willing to make payment online into escrow for the purpose of receiving guaranteed quality service in return.

The marketplace is a meeting point for Buyer and Seller to conduct any commercial transaction using our online escrow service (AtaraPay). Our marketplace platform, unlike others, is totally FREE for Sellers to onboard their goods and services while we do the online marketing of the marketplace to enable your service to reach potential buyers.

When Buyer pays for service on AtaraPay MarketPlace, the funds are placed in escrow and only credited to Seller as soon as Buyer accepts delivery of the service. See more details on how Buyer and Seller are protected (Why Escrow? How Does Escrow Work?)

To this end, Seller is solely responsible for shipping and delivery of all items to the Buyer with no recourse to AtaraPay or AtaraPay MarketPlace on the time or quality of the goods. 

Maxiumum Delivery Days
AtaraPay provides Seller maximum delivery days of 7 days from the day of purchase to the day when Buyer is expected to accept or reject the service or product. If the service is not delivered by this time, funds will automatically be returned to the Buyer.

Express Shipping
This is the sole responsibility of the Seller. If you need your order fast, expedited shipping may be available depending on your order details. Please contact Seller directly for more information.

Order Tracking
This is the sole responsibility of the Seller. Further enquiries can be made directly to the Seller to check on the status of an order. 

Shipping outside Nigeria
This is the sole responsibility of the Seller. Further enquiries can be made directly to the Seller to check on the status of an order. 

Payment Options
AtaraPay MarketPlace currently accepts Bank transfer, MasterCard, VISA & Verve Cards via AtaraPay.

Please click on the link for more on AtaraPay’s terms of use.