AtaraPay Network protects Buyer and Seller....

AtaraPay is an online escrow service that protects buyer and seller during a commercial transaction conducted online or offline using our suites of online tools and APIs. The MarketPlace by AtaraPay connects all types of online and offline merchants from social media sellers to car sale men in order to offer credible service to your customers. The marketplace operates only the AtaraPay payment method providing protection for both Buyer and Seller.

How AtaraPay Works

Buyer visits Marketplace by AtaraPay and purchases items. At checkout, Buyer makes payment to the escrow account using a card, bank transfer or cash. Seller is notified of payment and required to fulfill the service. At the point of delivery, Buyer accepts or rejects the service using SMS, web or interactive voice call. If Buyer rejects the service, the Buyer if refunded and if the Buyer accepts, then the Seller is credited. To learn more, visit Why Escrow? How Does Escrow Work?


Benefits for Buyer

  • Peace of mind when purchasing online because the buyer can accept or reject at the point of delivery
  • Funds are secure in the escrow and require no underwriting documentation
  • Ability to send funds to a licensed CBN Bank and not a merchant with unknown credibility


Benefits of becoming an AtaraPay MarketPlace Merchant

  • Peace of mind selling online because the merchant is informed of cash in advance before service delivery
  • Merchant has the option to set delivery terms failing which buyer will be surcharged
  • By becoming an AtaraPay merchant, your customers use our escrow payment service, thereby positioning the business as a credible one that stands to attract ONLY serious buyers
  • Sell more and make more money from your nascent creative assets
  • Leverage AtaraPay's access to a national and international market for your goods and services through its targeted advertising channels and global marketing network
  • Save costs on sales and marketing operations


How to become an AtaraPay Merchant?

To become an AtaraPay Merchant, you are required to register. On completion of registration, you will be contacted via email with a unique web link that directs people to your own online shop on the Marketplace. You can share this weblink on your profile page on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. You will also receive login details to your own admin panel where you are able to upload catalog of your goods and services. This web link and admin login details will be sent via email to you within 1 - 2 hours from when you complete your registration. There is no partnership or registration fee required.


The Merchant Onboarding Process

  • Click here to register on AtaraPay. 
  • On successful registration, contact [email protected] providing your email and phone number so that your account can be set up on the MarketPlace
  • On setting up your account, your unique web link and admin login details to the MarketPlace will be sent to your email
  • Login to your admin account here and Upload Content to your online shop on the Marketplace
  • Paste your unique web link on all your social media platforms
  • AtaraPay markets & Sells
  • Getting Paid 
    • Getting paid is very straight forward with AtaraPay. You set the frequency of payment from your AtaraPay Seller account. Options include 24 hours, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Payment will be made in Naira via automated online transfer to your account, which you will be required to set from your AtaraPay Seller account in order to be able to receive payment. Please note that access to your AtaraPay Seller account will be made available to you via email immediately on successful registration.

Our requirements

Escrow fee of 1.5% (or maximum of N2,000) of funds paid by Buyer into escrow. For details on how much you receive from purchases made via the AtaraPay Marketplace, please visit our pricing page and scroll down to use the calculator. Drive traffic from your social media networks to the MarketPlace for increased patronage and ease of sales.